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When I'm not busy living out my rock&roll fantasy, or pal'ing around with Grit, I sometimes manage to do a little web work.

I teach Web Design Certificate Courses at The University of Georgia, as well as having my own web development, project management, and technical consulting business.

I've worked on many business web sites and projects, but since I strive not to mix business and personal life, I won't even go into the business projects here. Some personal projects that I've worked on are below:

Site   Description
AMUG Simple graphical site for the Athens Mac User's Group just to let people know they exist.
Gerontology UGA's Gerontology Center
SETWEB Special Education Training on the Web for the College of Education at the Univ. of Georgia. Creation of a distance education model for the College.
CSPFP Continuous Scale Physical Functional Performance Test. Say that 3 times real fast. Part of the COE.
This site A never-ending experiment in simplicity and functionality in art and interface.
Gammaman A high-energy rock band from Athens, Georgia. Now defunct. Members included Ron Cook, Bobby J, Bryan McLucas, and myself.
Web Graphics Web Graphics An extensive tutorial on web graphics that I created while at UGA working in the Digital Media Support Group. I currently use this for my teaching.
COE COE Part of a team that developed the College of Education web site. Kudos to Kelly, J , Kristi, Paul, and Darrell.
Earth Gods Earth Gods A great band whose members included Jim Brady, Matthew Brady, and myself.
Video Capture Video Capture A site detailing the process of video capture to incorporate video into a web site. This was done at UGA as part of the DMS group.
Personal site
personal site Just playing around. This makes about the 10th site that I've created for myself.
Web Design Guide Web Design A site detailing guidelines for web design. I used to use this one for my teaching.
Video Formats Video Process A site to explain to the UGA faculty, students, and staff about the process of getting video onto the web.
Personal site personal site Yet another one.
Web Design Certification Web Design Certificate A site intended to accompany my classroom presentation for my Web Design Certificate classes.
Web Design
Version 2
Web Certificate My current Web Certificate site.
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